Comparing Apples to Oranges

One of the common frustrations we see with prospective clients is that they get custom software development quotes that vary by 2-3x for what appears to be the same work. While most people are savvy enough to understand that there must be some difference, they just struggle to understand the differences.
While different developers charge different […]

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Augmenting Your Team

Recently, I have seen a growing interest in companies augmenting their IT teams with outside resources. Many internal teams are overwhelmed and stuck with day-to-day maintenance of existing software. This can lead to burnout and employee turnover.

Companies use outsourced talent to free up their internal teams to work on new projects. This keeps them more […]

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Don’t Get Caught Up in the Blockchain Hype

With all of the hype around blockchain technology, the kind that underpins Bitcoin, it is easy to believe that it needs to be integrated into everything from real estate contracts to healthcare. And it will probably be an important technology.

However, that does not mean it is the right option for every industry and type of […]

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It’s Not About the Technology

Have you ever had to wait at the DMV? They have digitized and automated a lot of their processes, but you still have to wait… a long time. It is an organization that has implemented a lot of technology without improving the underlying processes.

Automating a mediocre process only provides marginal benefits, if any at all. […]

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