Technology has forever changed the face of business. From ecommerce and app generation to the power of a computer harnessed through a tablet or phone, technology has redefined the way we approach solving problems and structuring business models. It opens an entire world of new possibilities.

How are you utilizing technology to maximize your business’s potential? To eliminate inefficient processes? To increase capacity? To scale faster?

Imagine leveraging the power of technology to solve unique challenges and inefficiencies within your business. We can make it a reality.


  • Do you have a software project falling behind schedule?
  • Are you worried that maintenance efforts are keeping your team away from more critical work?
  • Are you looking to build new mobile apps on Apple, Android or Windows devices?

Raise the bar for the speed, quality, and cost-effectiveness of your software development project with managed software services from Bytes. Our services are applicable for whatever stage of the software cycle you are in, including:

  • Early-stage design research and solution architecture
  • Accelerating existing project development, integration, and rollout
  • Mature project maintenance and migration

Bytes’ services are based on our unique, proven process for managing outsourced software development. Each service package is created from our proven software process modules, which are optimized for your business requirements. Working with Bytes’ team of expert IT advisors, these modules are selected, customized, and managed according to the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) traditional or agile methodology that best suits your needs.

We work with all industries and business sizes to create tailored software, apps, e-learning platforms and bridges between programs uniquely designed to activate your business’ growth. Growing capacity and eliminating inefficiencies, we help to activate your business to realize its full potential.

Our services include:

Mobile Development
Application Design
Web Development

Research & Analysis
Software Maintenance
Database Design

Project Management
Quality Management
Software Integration


  • Does your team need a technology specialist to help finish a project?
  • Did an important team member recently leave your IT team?
  • Do you have seasonal staffing needs that require specialized IT skills?

Find the skilled people your project needs quickly with the outsourced technical and management staffing services from Bytes. Whether you’re looking for specific technology skills or business experience or qualified offshore resources, Bytes’ services can ensure you have the right people working on your project, in a manner that fits your business.

Bytes has a well-groomed pool of cross-trained professionals to meet your full range of IT resourcing requirements, including:

Role Sample Skill Profile
Application Developer Microsoft .NET (C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET), Win API Technologies
Web Designer / Programmer HTML, PHP, AJAX, JavaScript, Java
Database Administrator Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle DB, MS Access
Business Process Administrator Data Entry, Data Validation, Document Digitization
Business Analyst Business Intelligence, Relational Reporting, Data Mining, OLAP
Quality Assurance Engineers Quality Assurance, Test Cases and Scripts

Bytes is constantly adding new resources and expertise to our team. Contact us today to learn more about how we can provide you with the experienced people you need.


  • Are you migrating customer data to a new system?
  • Are new regulations making it impossible to keep on top of operations?
  • Are seasonal demands pushing your staff to its limits?

Stretch your business operations budget with outsourced business operations from Bytes. Our services are designed to quickly allow you to outsource your business operations with confidence and security. Our 150-member team has experience managing business operations in industries including data entry, digital publishing, scanning, healthcare, mortgage, insurance, tax and more. This service is available for managing short- and long-term business operations projects involving:

Data Entry
Data Validation
Data File Parsing

Unicode Conversions
Document Scanning/Digitizing
Custom Business Processes

Bytes offers flexible business terms for all these services. Contact us today to learn more about how our managed outsourced business operations can extend your IT budget.