Appraisal agents tracking system
Bytes is currently working on a system to track all orders generated by appraisal agents and to document and monitor the sales closures and revenue generation from all these orders. The system will also allow exporting the data to QuickBooks.

Legal assistant app
Bytes is currently working with another partner (Wingman Legal Tech) to launch a brand new product for the legal market that will allow attorneys to monitor and record data related to all client calls directly on their smartphones or tablets. It will also allow them to sync the data to their in-house legal system or use it as a standalone app.

Sales app for diving gear store
Bytes created a demo iPad app for one of the largest deep-sea diving gear companies (Diving Unlimited International) that it wanted to showcase at a large convention in Las Vegas. The app allowed DUI to show the various types of diving gear and related accessories with the flick of a finger on the iPads.

Real estate appraisal data-collection app
Bytes has been working on an exciting mobile/tablet app for a prominent local appraisal company that provides real estate appraisal agents a real-time data collection tool as they appraise homes. Software will be launched by end of January 2015.

Medical inventory management and reporting system
Bytes delivered an enterprise medical inventory management system for a large San Diego hospital. The system allows various facilities and users to monitor patient data and run and schedule daily reports.

Bedside monitoring system
A local large hospital needed a tablet application to monitor bedside drug delivery to patients. The Bytes team quickly designed an app to use the hospital’s in-house ruggedized Windows-7 tablets to deliver a bedside monitoring app using the device’s built-in scanner to scan the barcode of the drugs. Software was launched in December 2014 to meet regulatory compliance.

Movate health motivation app
Bytes designed and delivered a prototype health motivation app on iPhone for Movate Health. The app’s goal was to motivate users to document their good and bad habits and socialize with their trusted group of friends to develop healthy food and exercise habits.

Pediatric Minds web portal system
Bytes worked on redesigning the web portal for Orange County-based Pediatric Minds so internal administrators and doctors could easily monitor patient data and be able to generate reports. The system, based on SharePoint framework, included the redesign of several forms to overcome some of the internal storage limits.

Wellness and natural healing
Bytes recently started on a social media project that deals with the awareness of natural healing stories. Two ambitious entrepreneurs have embarked on making this non-profit organization help millions of people share their natural healing and wellness stories. Bytes was approached by WellTree to design the graphics for the site and develop the web application using WordPress and BuddyPress technologies.

Institutions and instructors connected
Bytes was selected by ActiveAdjunct to provide the technology for linking college institutions to various adjunct teachers or instructors. BSi will provide the design, architecture and hosting for this application. The goal is to provide institutions with a simple tool to identify qualified instructors and view their availability schedules via an easy-to-use online interface. Instructors will have the ability to create their profiles, show their expertise and indicate their schedules..

Healthcare project
Bytes is finishing a long-term project with a leading healthcare software vendor (Quixote Software) that currently provides office management software for chiropractic clinics. The Bytes team was brought in to support and manage the current application and in parallel enhance the application to meet the needs of other vertical markets, such as psychiatry, physiotherapy, dentistry, etc.

Data storage tools project
Bytes completed an exhaustive QA project for a local online data storage company known as Nirvanix. The company was looking for external resources that could quickly ramp-up the learning curve and provide a detailed test plan and execution of the plan for its existing products. Bytes’ QA department was well versed with this process and was able to execute the project in a timely manner.

Multi-language data translation tool
Bytes has been working on a project with Infocore to analyze multi-language PDF documents and extract the data into meaningful text that can be stored into relational databases for further processing. The documents involved varying levels of complexity with respect to fonts and data extraction tools, but the end result was to obtain clean data.


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