18 Years of Working Remotely

As a lot of companies have moved to remote work for the past several months, they are learning some of the advantages and challenges of working remotely. At Bytes, Inc. we have been 100% remote since we launched 18 years ago. So, I thought I would share some lessons we have learned.


There is a lot […]

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Getting Ready

Are you ready for things to get back to normal? I know that I am. Unfortunately, that is outside our control. What we can control is how we get ready for business to ramp up.

Things are likely to be different for quite a while with social distancing and remote work being the new normal. What […]

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Building Trust

When meeting with a prospect a few days ago, he said he was looking for a partner he could trust and would be low-maintenance. So, how can you find a service provider/partner you can trust? Of course, if they say “trust me” then you should protect your wallet 😉

The best way to find a partner […]

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