Are you ready for things to get back to normal? I know that I am. Unfortunately, that is outside our control. What we can control is how we get ready for business to ramp up.

Things are likely to be different for quite a while with social distancing and remote work being the new normal. What can you do to help your business be ready?  

Here are a few ideas for making your business more effective under the new normal:

  1. In businesses with field operations, such as landscape, real-estate, or property management, field agents can use mobile apps to collect data remotely and provide it to the office in real-time without any need for physical contact. This reduces physical contact while also reducing the time needed to send out invoices and get paid quickly, thus improving cash-flow.
  2. For organizations that meet with prospects and customers, having a video conferencing platform that specifically meets your business needs (e.g. security, specific tools) can improve outcomes. I had my first tele-health session with my doctor recently and it went well. It reduced physical contact and saved me time. Many clinics are incorporating those technologies during this downtime so they are better prepared for the new normal.
  3. Dashboards with self-service reports can make it easier for management to make decisions quickly based on real-time data, no matter their location. This allows your company to make better-informed decisions more quickly as situations change.

If your competitors are only looking to survive during this time or are just hoping things will get back to “normal,” you can gain a big advantage. If you would like to understand where you might be able to use technology to get ready for the new normal, let’s schedule a time to talk. You can contact us via the form below or give us a call at (619) 933-3366.