In these uncertain times, it is easy to get stuck in a survival mindset. Of course, it is important to make sure your business survives, but a survival mindset can lead to decisions that do not serve your business in the long term. With all of the change happening, it is a good time to re-examine how to make your business leaner and more effective.

For example, if your team is working remotely, it becomes clear where you are still using paper to record and share information. If you want to look for areas of improvement, I suggest you start with these questions:

Where can we integrate systems to increase efficiency? 

Look at all your current tools and software applications to see where your team is entering the same data into multiple systems. Do you log into multiple systems to get all the data you need for creating a management report? These create inefficiencies and allow human errors to creep in. You can integrate systems (e.g. accounting, marketing, e-commerce) and build dashboards to increase efficiency and reduce human error.

How can data be collected more efficiently?

If you have field operators (e.g. property management personnel, janitorial service, landscape technicians) who need to get data back to the main office, a mobile app can save data entry time and improve accuracy with real-time remote data, such as job status and customer approvals. This can also speed up the invoicing process to improve cash-flow.

Can training be done remotely?

Do you need to train new technicians or sales agents? Using a remote training system allows your team to train when it is convenient to them. Plus, it allows you to monitor whether training has been completed and assess comprehension.

As we all work to get past this pandemic, stay positive and think about how you can take advantage of the disruptions we are all facing. If you would like to understand where you might be able to improve effectiveness, let’s schedule a time to talk. You can contact us via the form below or give us a call at (619) 933-3366.