When meeting with a prospect a few days ago, he said he was looking for a partner he could trust and would be low-maintenance. So, how can you find a service provider/partner you can trust? Of course, if they say “trust me” then you should protect your wallet 😉

The best way to find a partner you can trust is to talk with existing and previous clients. And, you want to find out two very specific things:

Proactive Communication
While birthday surprises can be fun, project surprises are not. You want to find out whether the service provider is good with proactive communication. They should provide proactive suggestions to help the project be more effective (they are the expert in what you hired them to do) and provide warnings so surprises do not pop up at the last minute.

When everyone is on the same page in terms of expectations and timing, it is easier to trust each other.

As we learn new things or get feedback, projects may need to change. You want to work with a partner that can be flexible, within reason, when there are changes. As long as you are not trying to take advantage of the service provider’s flexibility, they should be open to reasonable scope changes. 

What is reasonable? That gets back to proactive communication and letting each other know what are your expectations or why something may be a bigger change than it looks like on the surface.

Two-Way Street
Remember that trust is a two-way street. It is a lot easier for a partner to build trust when they feel you can be trusted. 

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