User experience matters if you want to keep your users coming back. And mobile apps typically give users a much better experience than a mobile website. However, one of the big concerns we hear from clients and prospects is whether to build a native or hybrid application.

Native apps are built specifically for the operating system (iOS or Android) and can leverage all of the features of the smartphone such as GPS and calendar. They load faster and the user experience is superior. The downside is that it takes more time and resources to build the apps initially than a hybrid app. Plus, you have to maintain two essentially different apps for iOS and Android.

The good news is that you may no longer need to choose. Native apps as a Service (NaaS) is a new way to deliver apps that promises to provide a great user experience while only requiring developers to build one version of an app. Once an app is built, it can be delivered to devices running Android or iOS (and possibly other operating systems) with no additional coding. Even better, when there are updates, it is updated on the server so users do not need to download the updated app.

While it is still early days for this service, I think that it meets a big market need. Companies get the lower development costs of a hybrid app and the speed and functionality of a native app.

If you are thinking about developing an app, we would be happy to talk with you to figure out whether NaaS is a good fit for you. You can contact us via the Contact Us page or give me a call at (619) 933-3366.