Recently, I have seen a growing interest in companies augmenting their IT teams with outside resources. Many internal teams are overwhelmed and stuck with day-to-day maintenance of existing software. This can lead to burnout and employee turnover.

Companies use outsourced talent to free up their internal teams to work on new projects. This keeps them more engaged and reduces turnover. So, the obvious question is why outsource rather than hire?

Hiring is expensive. It takes a big investment of time to find qualified software developers. Then, they need to be assessed to ensure they have the skills they claim to have. And ongoing costs are more than just salary. There are overhead expenses (equipment, training, benefits, etc.) and the cost of managing them. Outsourcing can be less expensive and easier, if managed and set up correctly.

However, it is important to focus on more than just cost of the resource. You don’t want to increase the workload of your internal managers with outsourced help. If all you get is a dedicated software developer, your managers need to manage that resource as they would internal staff. Many companies forget about that hidden cost when comparing bids.

At Bytes, Inc., we provide a project manager to work with each outsourced team member, so they can monitor the resource and provide you with clear and timely communication of project deliverables. So, you free up not only your software team’s time and effort for new projects, you also free up management time and effort. And isn’t that what you really want from outsourcing?

If you would like to augment your IT team, let’s schedule a time to talk. You can contact us via the Contact Us page or give me a call at (619) 933-3366.