As we look to the future, it is becoming increasingly clear that a lot is changing for the long term. For many businesses, this will require them to find new ways of operating. 

One idea to consider is automation. It can save your team time and provide better results for customers. Here is an example from one of our clients.

A software company was releasing updates to customers every two weeks or so, and there were lots of reports of issues from users. They wanted to speed up their quality assurance (QA) and testing process to deliver cleaner releases, but they had limited QA resources. So, they reached out to Bytes, Inc. to help with automating QA.

The goal was to improve the customer experience and reduce the time the support team spends on support issues. They needed to cover their web application as well as iOS and Android releases. 

Bytes started with the most critical application first, the web app, and created more than 25 automated testing scripts in the first 3 months. Next, we focused on the mobile platforms and created 40+ automated testing scripts over the next 3 months. Then, we continued to create new scripts each month to cover new features and scenarios.

These automation scripts improve the customer experience — leading to better word-of-mouth referrals for the company. It also reduces support requests, which means the support team needs to add fewer new team members as the company adds more customers.

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