<h2>Sanjiv Prabhakaran</h2>

Sanjiv Prabhakaran

CEO and President

Prabhakaran is a senior executive and entrepreneur with over 30 years of software development management and technical architecture experience in mobile and web applications for eLearning, healthcare, workflow management, fleet management, wireless mobile data applications, enterprise web applications for business management, corporate real estate, and financial markets. In addition, his experience includes image processing, complex GPS integration, radio modems and data terminals. Prabhakaran is the author of nine U.S. patents in the fields of fleet management and vehicle mapping systems using GPS and traditional maps. He holds an MSEE from Ohio State University.

In early 2002, Prabhakaran founded Bytes, Inc. to provide low cost and rapid software outsourcing and project management services. Prior to this, he was vice president of engineering and R&D at Baylogics, a software solutions e-business company offering enterprise-level asset management, lease management and financial applications to Fortune 1000 customers in the retail, telecommunications, healthcare and energy industries. He previously served in senior management roles at Mobile Information Systems and Chronos Systems, where he spearheaded the development and implementation of fleet management systems.

Prabhakaran’s philanthropic interests extend to helping underprivileged children with proper education and job training and assisting physically challenged individuals with job opportunities within Bytes and other companies.

<h2>Tim Ristine</h2>

Tim Ristine

VP of Marketing and Sales

Ristine is an accomplished executive with more than 30 years of marketing, product management, and sales experience with e-business applications and platforms sold into the retail, financial, telecommunications, healthcare, energy, computer, aerospace, and automotive industries through direct and reseller channels. He is experienced in turnaround and re-start companies as well as large enterprises, where he’s used his expertise in strategic planning, marketing, product management, and business development. Ristine holds an MBA from Northeastern University, and an MSEE with a major in computer science and software from the University of New Mexico.

In 2002, Ristine joined Bytes, Inc. as VP of Marketing. Prior to this position he was vice president of product marketing and customer service at Baylogics, a software solutions e-business company offering enterprise-level asset management, lease management and financial applications to the retail, telecommunications, healthcare and energy industries to F1000 customers. He previously served as vice president of product management for the Gale Group, a division of Thompson Publishing, responsible for the definition and launch of web and desktop knowledge-base products. He also served as a senior member of the product management team at Symantec, responsible for the Norton Antivirus Enterprise Edition product line, which represented the company’s single largest revenue stream. Previously, Ristine has held positions in marketing, sales, product management, and service bureau management.

<h2>Krishna Bhogadi</h2>

Krishna Bhogadi

Managing Director

Bhogadi has more than 25 years of rich industry experience in diverse business areas such as finance, banking, corporate real estate and asset management products in the U.S. and India. He played a key role heading organizations and architecting products. Other areas of expertise are in ERP application integration and analysis. Bhogadi’s business acumen plays an important role in driving company growth.

Since 2002, Bhogadi provides the expertise in managing the software development and quality assurance teams at Bytes. He has previously worked with Sigma Project Services in various capacities managing large enterprise projects. He also served as Manager of Software in Hagglunds Denison Limited a Multi National (Swedish and Indian) joint venture Company. Prior to that, he was with Bharat Strips Limited, a larger public limited manufacturing company in several positions from Project Manager to Assistant General Manager (Executive Assistant to Chairman and Managing Director).