About The Client: A subsidiary of ItsPayd — a web-based FinTech platform that allows companies to send customer statements via email and/or text — tewyu is an app that handles loans between family and friends.

The Challenge: ItsPayd was seeking a simple and intuitive solution to allow friends and families to borrow and repay money automatically — eliminating the need to constantly remind the borrower. The system had to be extremely user-friendly to keep the audience engaged in using it. The company chose Bytes to provide the expertise to get it done.


Solution Technology:

  • Mobile client: Android and iOS
  • Back office: MySQL database, PHP and Ruby-on-Rails

Bytes’ Approach: It was critical to go through a thorough discovery phase with the tewyu team before the Bytes team could design the FinTech application’s mobile platform architecture. The key navigation process for borrowing and lending had to be drafted out properly to ensure borrowers and lenders had a pleasant experience on the mobile app. Bytes worked with tewyu to chart the details of the plan using the very structured approach described below.

  • Requirement Gathering: Bytes’ product managers worked closely with the tewyu team to establish the project’s business and technical requirements. Core business processes the solution would need to support, platform preferences, and the in-house skills of tewyu and skills of its customers were all factored into the preparation of the software requirements specification (SRS). After reviewing the SRS with tewyu — and securing its agreement to proceed — Bytes was able to quickly move forward to the design phase of the project.
  • Design: Design engineers from Bytes worked with tewyu to design the user experience on the mobile device that would be sure to meet its business needs. At the same time, Bytes’ architects performed technology feasibility studies to ensure the final design would meet all the requirements outlined in the SRS. Bytes provided a design recommendation that enabled the implementation phase of the project upon approval.
  • Implementation: Bytes’ experienced technology team worked with tewyu to implement the ultimate solution, which involved a mobile device interfacing with a backend relational database. Senior engineers and expert database programmers worked with the tewyu team using an iterative engineering and release model to ensure the solution’s efficiency.

Result: Bytes successfully delivered the right solution, on time and on budget. Users are now able to lend money with ease to family and friends. The uniqueness of the app is how easy and automated the borrowing and returning process is and the ability to also donate to a charity of choice.

Customer Quote:

“I worked with Sanjiv to create the P2P lending platform, tewyu. Throughout the project, we consistently negotiated development phases and scopes to ensure the project was delivered on time and under budget.Sanjiv exhibited expertise and poise in guiding multiple international teams toward a single goal.” —Luke Thomas, Product Manager, tewyu





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