Island Data Corporation

About the Client: Island Data develops software solutions that perform real-time analysis of open-ended, unstructured customer feedback to give tangible value to the voice of your customer. This actionable customer intelligence is the foundation for strategic business decisions that drive sales, retention, customer satisfaction and product quality…and ultimately profitability.

The Challenge: The application has a high-end application architecture and Version 1 is already developed and in production use. he application includes complex business rules including Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms. The client wanted to address a problem in the existing application, including performance issues, while simultaneously developing Version 2. They needed a quick and efficient solution.

Solution Technology:idcscreen1

  • Web client: HTML, DHTML, JavaScript
  • Back-office: SQL Server, Microsoft .NET

Bytes’ Approach: Bytes formed a team of experienced senior engineers and an application architect. After a short ramp-up period coupled with in-house training by Island Data’s application architect, the team began to fix bugs and add enhancements requested by the customer base.

From the first meeting through project completion and beyond, Bytes set the bar for clear and consistent communication through all phases of the project:

  • Bytes formed a core team to support Island Data’s ongoing needs. The team included an architect and a handful of software engineers, several of whom were senior level.
  • The skill set of the team was selected to match the needs of the Island Data project according to the phase of the work. As the project moved to different phases, different skill sets were rotated into the mix.
  • The Bytes and Island Data teams have, in essence, become one, with continuous communication between them, regardless of the 12-hour time difference.

Result: Bytes successfully delivered the right solution, on time and on budget.

Customer Quote: “Just wanted to spend a minute and tell you guys that the team assembled to work on the Island Data project is doing an awesome job. I’m pleased to report that the team manager has exceeded our expectations and it appears that we were upgraded in personnel. We have recently overcome some huge challenges with the product, and even though we did not execute flawlessly, the execution was near flawless. As a whole, the entire team is much more effective and efficient.

“It’s my expectation to start working on the next version of the product Insight RT 4 very soon. We have been very busy supporting Version 3; in fact, it has taken all of our available time and then some. It appears that we are turning the corner with our ‘technical’ problems, and if this is indeed the case, then we can allocate some time to documenting the features of 4. Thanks for all the great work.”

Scott Austin, Vice President, Island Data Corporation

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