Field Intelligence, Inc.

About The Client: Field Intelligence (Field Intell) provides purpose-built cloud technology to monitor, manage and monetize its clients’ assets using Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology. Field Intell was founded on the principles of simplicity, smarts and sustainability. Its Smart Monitoring Platform uses next-gen IoT, wireless, and cloud technologies and leverages Industry 4.0 best practices.

The Challenge:  Field Intell already had a web portal clients were using to view all the data and statistics of their assets. However, it wanted to enhance the user experience and efficiency for the field technicians by providing a smart tool that enabled the visibility of real-time next generation IoT data while in the field. The company chose Bytes to provide the expertise to get it done.

portfolio-thumbnail-vt Solution Technology:

  • Mobile client: Android
  • Back office: MySQL database and PHP framework

Bytes’ Approach: Field Intell had prepared a preliminary design of the mobile screens and features needed. Bytes went through a detailed discovery phase with its team to design the application’s mobile platform architecture. The key navigation process had to be drafted out properly to ensure field technicians had a pleasant and efficient experience on the mobile app. Bytes worked with the Field Intell team to chart out the details of the plan using the extremely structured approach described below.

  • Requirement Gathering: Bytes’ product managers worked closely with the Field Intell team to establish the project’s business and technical requirements. Since the company already had a core backend platform, the interface process was already well defined. Few new protocols had to be implemented and existing ones modified to fit into the mobile architecture and preparation of the software requirements specification (SRS). After reviewing the SRS with Field Intell — and securing its agreement to move forward — Bytes was able to quickly begin to the design phase of the project.
  • Design: Design engineers from Bytes worked with Field Intell to design the proper user experience on mobile devices that would meet its business needs. At the same time, Bytes’ architects performed technology feasibility studies to ensure the final design would meet all the requirements outlined in the SRS. The Application Programming Interface (API) protocol was to use JSON and/or REST interfaces. Bytes provided a design recommendation that enabled the implementation phase of the project upon approval. The plan was to develop the Android version first, and move on to the iOS version later, after incorporating user feedback.
  • Implementation: Bytes’ experienced technology team worked with Field Intell to implement the ultimate solution, which involved a mobile device interfacing with a backend relational database. Senior engineers and expert database programmers worked with the Field Intell team using an iterative engineering and release model to ensure the solution’s efficiency.

Result: Bytes successfully delivered the right solution, on time and on budget. Few additional features were added as per Field Intell’s request to enhance the user experience. Users were now able to get real-time data and the health status of all their assets worldwide.

Customer Quote:
“Sanjiv has been working with me, as a consultant over the last 12 months, to develop and deploy an IOS and Android mobile application. The project has run smoothly and we have benefited significantly from Sanjiv and his team’s experience. The Bytes team is very professional and has consistently delivered on our project in a timely matter. I would recommend Sanjiv and his team to anyone who is looking to outsource a project.” —Art Gomez, President & CEO, Field Intelligence.





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