ClinicareOn – Hospital/clinic management software (in collaboration with Inforaise Technologies)

About ClinicareOn: Inforaise Enterprise Hospital Management System is designed as a client/server application on a multi-tier platform for unifying and proactively managing every aspect of hospital management and its allied processes. The Enterprise Hospital Management System is designed to support the vast array of recurring, enduring, and transitory elements that comprise the core clinical processes and dynamics of business, clinical care, and clinical/medical processes. The system links all clinical/medical tasks and communications through collaborative process and information flow within the entire hospital. The software is designed and developed to maintain the associated administration and accounting to be in perfect synchronization with hospital and patient activities.

The Enterprise Hospital Management System provides administrative executives hospital-wide with visibility, collaboration and control over the administrative and patient care processes, activities enabling significant expense reduction and increased revenue opportunities.

The Modules

Clinicareon-LoginThe Enterprise Hospital Management System of Inforaise is modular both in technological and functional aspects, with a plug–n–play concept of integration. Below is a synopsis of the core modules of the application:

  1. Front Office
  2. Admin Office and Back Office
  3. Services
  4. Clinical
  5. Pharmacy
  6. Stores
  7. Billing and Accounts
  8. Office Administration
  9. System Administration

Each of the above modules in turn consists of other functional units.

Salient Features

  1. Entire application in one technical and functional framework.
  2. Concept of core and modular application architecture.
  3. Self-sufficient modules integrated with core via programmed hooks.
  4. Consistent Graphic User Interface for easy use and quick learning.
  5. Secure with multiple access levels.
  6. Operations efficiency and administrative control.
  7. Configurable services supporting any possible medical departments.
  8. Auto generation of electronic patient charts.
  9. Unlimited number of Investigation Reports.
  10. User-definable investigation reports content and layout.
  11. Support to define delta value fields in investigations.
  12. Support for ICD-10.
  13. Ideal for single or multiple clinics and practices.
  14. Web Extraction Module facilitating web publishing of selected data/info.

Solution Technology

  • Client: Visual Basic
  • Back-office: MySQL and Crystal Reports

Out-Patient List Screen


Patient Details Screen


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