Bytes, Inc. is the world’s most sought-after company for IT employment and outsourcing services.


Bytes, Inc (BSi™) is a full-service IT outsourcing firm that offers custom and creative software design, development, hosting, and business operations services. A San Diego-based company founded in 2002, BSi’s U.S.-based leadership and 24×7 global staff are set apart by the speed, quality and cost-effectiveness of their services.

  • Speed. BSi’s ability to provide around-the-clock execution enables the fastest possible time-to-market for projects of all sizes.
  • Quality. BSi has a proven track record with respect to project quality and sustainability.
  • Cost-Effectiveness. Offshore development, coupled with local project support, ensures maximum cost-effectiveness and seamless integration with your team.

BSi develops e-commerce, asset management, decision support and other workflow applications for clients. We also offer services to manage business operations, including data entry, validation and custom business processes. BSi works with clients across a wide range of industries, including finance, retail, telecommunications, manufacturing, healthcare, education, distribution, and law enforcement. We include expert IT advice, secure operations, and green solution design with our services and solutions, and we work with clients around the globe.


INTEGRITY – Building on a reputation of operating in an honest, fair, and trust-worthy manner with each of our clients and employees.

DILIGENCE – Committing to a laser focus from each member of the BSi team to meet or exceed clients’ time-to-market and quality requirements.

COMMUNICATION – Using proven communication protocols customized to each client’s needs – a cornerstone of our success.