Vertical/Business Domain Summary Description
Corporate Real Estate Executed a $1 million project involving approximately 200 man-months of work, resulting in an enterprise low-footprint web- based corporate real estate application focused on tenants and owners. This was in collaboration with Inforaise Technologies.
Customer: Baylogics
e-Commerce Applications/Portals Developed and delivered medium to large e-commerce portals for online print requirements and for online consumer merchandise.
Customers: (in collaboration with Inforaise Technologies), Maglite (in collaboration with Delicious Design), The Chopra Center
Mobile/Smartphone Applications Created multiple small to mid-size applications for various mobile device platforms, such as Android, iPhone, Windows, and BlackBerry in the areas of operations management, field management, real-estate appraisals, healthcare, travel, and online video rentals to name a few.
Customers: Sonabend, Ninthlink, Qualcomm, San Diego County Water Authority, Valuation Technologies
Decision Support Systems Designed, developed and maintained web-based decision support systems using complex language-processing algorithms and analysis of unstructured data.
Customers: Certona, Island Data Corporation
Hospital Management Architected and engineered an enterprise client/server application for hospital management (in collaboration with Inforaise Technologies) aimed at the domestic market; also sold licenses to large teaching hospitals in India. The software caters to the end-to-end requirements of modern multi-specialty hospitals.
Customers: Ramesh Hospitals and Ananya Clinics
Healthcare Engineered enterprise web-based healthcare application addressing the specific requirements of chiropractic clinical and administrative practices.
Customers: BLSweb, Quixote Software
Insurance Designed and developed a web-based secure workflow application for one of the service providers in the insurance industry.
Customer: DMA Insurance Housing Assistants
Online Storage Created various customer support tools and FTP applications for the online storage industry.
Customer: Nirvanix
Data Parsing/Conversion Designed and developed a language parsing/conversion application for a client in the data lists industry.
Customer: Infocore
Other business areas include search engine optimization (SEO/SEM), legal business processes, education, asset management, manufacturing, retail and distribution.