Samuel Borgese

Samuel Borgese is the CEO of Charlie Brown’s Holding Company and is a seasoned corporate leader who’s a dedicated outsourcing zealot. His enthusiasm stems from decades spent as a buyer or a provider of outsourcing services dating back to his earlier days in the corporate real estate market, where as an executive he outsourced development to third-party vendors.

He joined Catalina Restaurant Group (CRG) in June 2004, where he served as president and CEO. His focused approach for leading companies during times of change is viewed as a great asset for CRG, which recently acquired Carrow’s and Coco’s Bakery Restaurant from Advantica, now known as Denny’s. Along with other CRG executives, Borgese concentrated corporate efforts on getting the Carrow’s and Coco’s Bakery Restaurant back to basics.

Prior to joining CRG, Borgese spent 20 years in specialty and promotional real estate as principal or senior executive staff member of private and publicly-owned retail companies. Before entering the corporate real estate arena, Borgese was a field and project manager for various engineering and construction companies in the United States and Indonesia.

Most notably, Borgese was Director of Real Estate and Construction for Office Club, Inc., a venture capital-funded retail office products warehouse chain. At the time he joined Office Club in 1987, it was a privately held company operating five stores with annual sales of $45 million. In 1991, Office Club successfully completed a $248 million merger with Office Depot, Inc., to create the nation’s largest office products superstore.

Ed Sternagle

Ed Sternagle provides business management consulting services to small companies on a contract basis. Sternagle stresses practical, strategic approaches to optimize day-to-day business management achieving more rapid revenue and profit growth.

Sternagle was Senior Vice President of Corporate Services for Sullivan International, a science, engineering and advanced technology firm. In that capacity, he was responsible for all corporate support functions within the company including marketing, finance, contract management, internal information technology, risk management, human resources, legal, corporate training, and quality control. He continues to serve as Corporate Secretary and Director of that company.

He has actively consulted with the City of San Diego and other municipalities to help increase the efficiency and effectiveness of city government. He directed a consulting program that saved the City of San Diego over $150 million in less than ten years. Sternagle completed an assignment as the Executive Director of UC Riverside Connect. In that capacity, he coached entrepreneurs and CEOs of start-up and early stage companies for over two years to “connect” with the resources they need to be successful. He has also represented Vistage (formally TEC), an international organization of over 8000 CEOs in 14 different countries. He acted as a Vistage Group Facilitator, coaching and mentoring CEOs in individual groups of sixteen members.

During his career, Sternagle has accumulated over 30 years of unique general business and technical management experience. He has started several high tech businesses and has grown those to be successful, profitable companies. Sternagle has also held key senior management positions at several technology companies including Computer Sciences Corporation, Xerox, Hand Held Products, Ticketron, and Mitchell International.

Sternagle is the inventor of a U.S. Business Process Patent and has had overall program management responsibilities for major business systems in the aerospace, automotive, real estate, manufacturing, retail, and entertainment industries. He has been able to broadly apply practical organizational and business development concepts to help entrepreneurs start and grow high tech companies.

Sternagle holds a degree in Business Administration.

Joon Han

Joon S. Han is a global Give-Getter and the author of “Get Ahead by Giving Back” which unveils the hidden secret of the most successful business people in history. Joon speaks nationally on this and other topics including strategic thinking, process innovation and millennial leadership development while always tying proceeds to various deserving non-profits.

Joon is also the founder of Better San Diego, a strategic alignment company committed to forging a better San Diego one organization at a time. Through Better San Diego, he serves smart business leaders in his role as strategy specialist. It’s his passion to work with leaders to develop and understand solutions so that they “learn how to fish” instead of “just getting a fish for today.” With that, Better San Diego has quickly become the consulting organization that other consultants turn to when they want to improve their own companies. In the end, what gives Joon an absolute rush is helping business leaders grow from being busy to very effective.

Joon has been developing leaders for over 17 years and implementing strategic systems thinking in organizations since 1996. His unique cross-section of industry experience serving in Fortune 20, non-profit and faith-based sectors allows him to bring an innovative and time-tested perspective to every results-driven client solution and he’s a sought after speaker that has been challenging and inspiring groups starting back in 1990. Joon writes the Small Business Tip of the Week for the SD Regional Chamber of Commerce as well as pertinent business articles for various publications and radio. In addition to facilitating various workshops, seminars and courses throughout the region, he leads Better San Diego’s Small Business Booster Course in a joint partnership with the State of California’s Employment Training Panel and the SD Regional Chamber of Commerce.

In addition to speaking nationally and his specialist duties with Better San Diego, Joon serves as president for Hope in the City, a non-profit focused on leadership development and systemic solutions for City Heights; although participation in the education of his children at their musical conservatory usually trumps both obligations. He resides in beautiful San Diego where he graduated from UCSD with a BS in Molecular Biology.

E.J. Conrad

E.J. Conrad is founder and CEO of Island Staffing, which he started in 2002. He leads a team that identifies and promotes the right talent for clients in Southern California and across the U.S., providing flexible staffing options including contract, contract-to-hire and direct hire placements. In 2009, the San Diego Business Journal listed Island Staffing as the #18 Fastest Growing Privately Held Company in San Diego.

E.J. entered the IT and engineering staffing industry in 1989, gaining experience working for companies with revenues ranging from $3m – $500m. He started out in recruiting, business development and account management, ultimately moving on to sales and recruiting management and branch management. E.J. has been responsible for P&L, staff selection and terminations, annual projections, quotas, and managing staffs ranging from two to 17. He’s been involved and responsible for two startup branch offices and three company purchases and integrations.

Prior to starting Island Staffing, E.J. was employed at Cotelligent, a company selling staffing and project-based services. He opened a branch office for PBC (Pittsburgh Business Consultants), which was later purchased by Cotelligent, growing it to a staff of six and annual revenue of $3 million by developing and maintaining customers in California from San Diego to San Francisco.

E.J. accepted a corporate move to Georgia and spent a year-and-a-half in Atlanta integrating two companies into one while managing a six-member staff and selling to new and existing customers. Once the integration was complete, he was part of a two-person team responsible for developing and implementing a new business model and he became manager of a 15-person staff that generated a run rate of $13 million.

E.J. has an associate’s degree in marketing and is a member of the California Staffing Professionals organization.