Bytes, Inc. is excited to introduce our first infoBYTES™ edition – a periodic newsletter to bring you exciting news about the topics of software development, stories from our clients that may relate to you, fun topics, and some of the upcoming events around town. We hope this will be informative and beneficial in your daily environment. Our goal is to shoot for one volume every month.

Struggling with a never-ending software project?

A few months ago, an entrepreneur approached us with a very typical problem that we have seen happen many times. His project was within budget (so he thought) but far from complete after 6 months of time and effort. So, although he thought it was within budget, the fact was that for the money spent so far nothing major was accomplished. After some review, we found that he had taken all the basic steps to outline the initial requirements and to prepare the site layouts, the wire-frames, time-lines, etc., but he was missing the key factor of proper development and monitoring practices. There was a lack of well-defined target milestones that could be measured properly. Despite periodic status meetings and display of some progress, the important features were not emerging in the design, and there were many bugs even during simple demonstrations. Since he was not technical enough it was difficult for him to gauge what was happening.

It is crucial to ensure that any development project has a well-defined strategy for the development approach, proper project management, quality assurance and testing phases well planned. Ideally, the team must consist of a project manager, appropriate number of programmers and database specialists, and one or more quality assurance and quality control engineers. When a project is outsourced to a remote team, it is very important to ensure that there is a local project coordinator with whom you may directly discuss project statuses.

The entrepreneur mentioned above is currently evaluating the various options with our team to recover the effort spent so far. We will report the results in future editions.

Horn Section (Where We Blow Our Own Horn)

Recently, we had two clients launch their products with great success. One is in the surf industry and the other is in education.

Bytes, Inc. partnered with ShapeLogic LLC to create automation agents for their patent-pending (and world’s first) online design-to-order (DTO) system. ShapeLogic’s DTO is targeted to manufacturers of complex devices (such as surfboards, golf clubs, medical devices, etc.), who wish to enable their premium users to customize the devices they buy and help them re-design the key characteristics of those devices in simple, web-based sessions.  The system was adopted for use by Firewire Surfboards, the world’s second largest surfboard manufacturer, (navigate to the Custom Board Design section), and is about to be deployed in other companies. ShapeLogic, based in southern California, is a software vendor, technology partner and an authorized reseller of the Siemens NX Open software.

A site to link Adjunct instructors with Institutions –  The founder of this site has been an adjunct professor for many years and has been hearing of various pain-points from institutions and instructors as far as identifying qualified teachers with the right skills at the right time.  Hence, his 6 year dream of solving that dilemma was finally realized with this launch.